Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today, I feel inspired. Perhaps more yesterday, but the lingering effects are visible still. I began to read the lovely blog entitled Zombie Defense Training (currently inactive but has an extensive archive) after the suggestion from my sister. After reading just a few posts, I felt inspired to make my own changes. Becoming a prime zombie-fighting-machine would be beneficial for so many reasons, and I want to try to become one. Mostly, I want to focus on losing weight and gaining muscle, but being able to fuck up the undead would be a great added bonus. I can’t say I’ll start today or even tomorrow – I’m battling allergies and am loaded with college homework – but I want to start soon. No more putting it off. The campus has a gym filled with great resources, and I want to use them. Hopefully, I can enlist a buddy, though…


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